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A woman used a power washer to transform her driveway into viral works of art

Dianna Wood used a power washer to transform her driveway by drawing art into the dirt.
She posted photos on Facebook, where they went viral.
She told Insider she's happy the photos are bringing people joy.
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Power washers have something of a cult following, from a popular "Power Washing Porn" subreddit with 825,000 members to YouTube compilations of power washers at work. People love the satisfaction of watching the concentrated streams of water wash away dirt, leaving behind a clean, bright surface.
One North Carolina resident's power washer driveway art attracted the attention of not only power washer enthusiasts, but people around the world.
Here's how she transformed her driveway into a viral work of street art.Dianna Wood doesn't have any formal art training, but says she's done "crazy art things" since she was about 5 years old.

Wood, who lives in Burlington, North Carolina, retired a few years ago.
When her husband bought her a power washer for her birthday, she cleaned everything in sight.

"There is something so therapeutic about seeing dirty siding, fences, bricks, and cement go from yuck to clean," she wrote on her blog, The Wood's Secret Garden.
When she saw how long it would take to fully clean her driveway, she decided to turn it into an art project, instead.

Wood took advantage of the driveway's dirty pavement, using the power washer to remove residue with artistic flair.
She started creating word art, writing out words like "love," "truth," and "hope" in different fonts.

All of Wood's power washer art was completely free hand — no stencils involved.
Wood kept experimenting, using the power washer to draw lifelike woodland creatures.

She drew an owl, complete with ruffled feathers and alert eyes.
She used the tip of the power washer like a paintbrush.

"I raise and lower the tip and turn the angle of it (like you would a fan paintbrush or a calligraphy pen or a can of spray paint), in order to achieve different gradations of clean," she told Insider.
When she posted pictures of her power washer driveway art on Facebook, they went viral.

Her original post has been shared over 165,000 times.
"I am not really wired for all this attention," she said. "But I am happy my art seems to be bringing so many people, from all over the world, joy."

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